Best Places in D.C. to Go, Attractions of Washington, D.C.

With such a lot to do and see, it's vital to have a plan when visiting the state's capital. A holiday can be built on any mix of art, design, politics or history. An impressive public transport network will take you within easy walking distance of destinations, and good eats can be discovered on nearly every street.

tourism washington dc

National Mall

The shocking size of the U.S. Capitol and the quiet splendour of the Lincoln Commemorative bookend one of the most famed public green spaces on the planet.

The Nation's Mall is ringed by govt. buildings, Smithsonian studios and the Nation's Archives, which shows the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution. No trip to Washington is totally complete without seeing the commemoratives to the fallen heroes of World War Two and Vietnam. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative embodies the strength shown by the civil rights leader.

White House

Every step thru the Executive Mansion will be both familiar and new, as TV pictures can only relay most of what's on show apropos art, furniture and decorations. From the East Colonnade to the state Dining Room, a trip to the Government merits the lead spot on a catalogue of things worth doing in Washington DC. Tours must be organized ahead thru an affiliate of Congress.

Arlington Nationwide Graveyard

Rolling acres of white markers remind visitors of the sacrifices manufactured by great northern Americans.

The changing of the guard at the Crypt of the Unknowns happens with solemnity, and the Kennedy graves provide a place a quiet reflection and an amazing view of the Mall.

National Zoo

Bears, elephants, apes and a pride of lions are on view at this Smithsonian park, and folk get to experience first hand the environmental wishes of animals by walking thru a forest and bird refuge. Naturally, the feted giant pandas are the zoo's featured guest. Folks will find this one of the most family-friendly things worth doing in Washington DC.

National Cathedral

While not one of the more discussed attractions in Washington DC, the Cathedral has hosted many state funerals, spiritual dignitaries and opening events under its inspiring limestone towers. Visitors are asked to make a contribution to the Cathedral, particularly vital given the structural damage sustained in a 2011 tremor.

Worship services are open to the general public.

International Spy Museum

One of the most recent, secretly operated museums is this homage to those that wish not to be known. The Spy Museum follows espionage from its raw beginnings to the highly advanced technology used in the War on Terror. Paid admission is necessary.

tourism washington dc


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